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Week 1 - Summer 2012

Posted 6/28/2012 10:12am by Jim Lacey.

Welcome to the Lacey J Ranch CSA

Although your share is boxed up separately in a  waxed non recyclable box, you need to bring a box or bag each week to collect your produce. The produce  box that your share is delivered in must stay at the pick up site so that it can be reused again the following week. This is to help keep cost down for you and to minimize waste. Please use caution when opening boxes as not to tear or rip it open as your typical box as you will ruin the box. Don't pull flap straight up. If you are right handed then place the top flap with the crease to the right. Now place your right hand on top of the box fingertips over edgecrease under palm and thumb inside hole and then gently squeeze and lift open.


We are happy to hear from many of you enjoyed your visit to our farm for the open house.  If you did not get the chance to visit, don't fret, we will have future opportunities for harvest events in the months to come.



Note:  We know that in the beginning of the season the boxes might seem a bit light, please know that in the weeks to come the vegetables will increase both in size and variety.  There will also be the opportunity to harvest some of your own produce at one of our harvest events (dates TBD and more information to come).



This weeks share will contain:

Strawberries -Unfortunately, this will be the only batch of strawberries due to frost and inclement weather.
Green Romaine -The high winds the last few days have caused some damage to the outer leaves  of both the romaines from blowing debris
Red Curly leaf Romaine
Red, Yellow and White fresh green table onions
Arugula,(the dandelion looking plant) also known as rocket. It has a rich, peppery taste, and has an exceptionally strong flavour for a leafy green. It is quite popular across Europe and is often used in salads or on top of a pizza.  It is also great sauteed. Winter Onions, resembles a big green onion. Great for soups or stews.  remove course stalk and chop or saute.  NOTE: if you have an abundance on onions, they store well if you chop them and freeze.

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